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Installation and Mounting

MC Coding System provides the complete installation and mounting of the systems with it’s own specialized technical personnel. For larger systems, MC Coding System has the possibility and the privilege of get the support from other foreign specialized known companies that after many years of cooperation can guarantee the same high end quality results.

Maintenance and Assistance

The bar coding systems are fundamental to the production for the industries, companies and commercial enterprises. Mc Coding System is organized to provide assistance within 24 hours from the call for service. It is in place a plan of scheduled preventive maintenace, to optimize to the maximum the utilization of the systems, to avoid an emergency intervention and, to facilitate the customers to productivity increments.

Employees Training

MC Coding System have organized for the bar coding system designated employees, professional training courses and up-dating classes concerning all the aspects and possible problems of the provided systems. The courses are held by expert technicals specialized in the industry.


In any kind of business that implies products managment, from identifing to transportation and logistics it is fundamental to resort to the use of coding systems (labeling, bar coding and laser scanning) Based on the differences of various single enterprises interested to these systems, there are a large array of system solutions to resort too, differences based on technologies, the kind of product to be scanned and the laws and policies.

Project Design

It is available a project designing service of the system to fit your needs (mostly done during the estimation process) created from the experts, and with the possible available support from the represented manufacturer so that the system will fit in to your current lay-out.

Maximize the Resources

MC Coding System is aware all of the problems and variances that small/large business or large company can experience.
For these reasons, MC Coding System has set up a service to provide consulting before buying, aimed to provide the best available solutions to the interested party, always suggesting how to achieve the best results with the possible less monetary effort invested in the system and in the operating supplies.