MC Coding System is involved in consulting, project designing, marketing and sales, maintenance and assistance of coding systems (labeling, bar coding and laser scanning).

MC Coding System offers only high quality systems, equipment and operating supplies, created from the world best manufactures and leaders in the business, also providing, (due to the knowledge and experience of it’s associates), a world class technical support service at a very competitive prices compared to the quality of the service that is offered.

The large numbers of clients that are using MC Coding System for many years, is to confirm the above statements.

Company History

MC System Coding was established in 2003 as SRL, but it has been operating in the bar code business since 1994. In the past years, working for respected large international companies, the owners have gained a substantial experience and knowledge on finding answers and solutions for the different needs that this specific business sector arises over the time and is available to their customers.


The structural organization of MC System Coding Srl has been created simple and flexible, so that we can intervene in the markets needs and trends fast, efficiency andeffectively, and that is why it is composed from associates that are prepared and witha large and a dequate technical knowledges. In addition to it’s internal structure, MC System Coding Srl utilizes external resources too, such as technicals, project designers, consultants, which enables the organizationto manage any type of investment program related to the bar coding systems, from the smallest unit to the larger one of a big company.


MC System Coding Srl has always nourished between it’s clients andit’s purveyors a relation where there is not only a business relationfeelings, but a partnership that will stand long in the time.Choosing MC System Coding Srl meansfinding an impressive level of tecnological and educated know-howthroughout the offering phase (consulting, project designing, sale,assistance, parts).

Production and distribution of labels on the reel.

MC Label was founded in 2009 to support an already established reality, that of the MC System Coding. We decided to bring together all our experience, gained in the label industry, starting as a single company in the production and distribution. With the purchase of new machinery, we can produce a wide range of labels on a reel for every kind of industry. Although the market for labels has just started, we already have a good chunk of customers, thanks to the expertise gained over the years and a sales organization responsible for the field.

MC Label


The referral market for MC System Coding Srl is mainly in Italy, but in the past years, due to the professionality and the quality of the service that was offered also to large international companies, the business was called to expand in other European Countrys.


MC System Coding Srl approaches the market challenges proposing a variety of systems, replacement equipment and parts, operating supplies from the best know brands in the business, just as a recognition of the quality of the service offered.


A complete selection for many sectors within the MC System Coding Srl it is available for the market needs an entire array of bar coding systems for various applications such as: food industry manufacturers, automotive, cables/wires, poultry/meat processing plants, cardboards, chemical, cosmetology, tiling and constructions, medical and  pharmaceutical, packaging, bottling, lumber and timber, metallurgic, plastic, pipes, logistic systems, distribution, textile.