With the experience and professionalism of MC label we can produce any type of adhesive labels in rolls, continuous forms, a package, with slot and tags. Use any type of paper or film (such as PE, PP, PET and PVC) according to the needs of our customers.

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Ribbon / Foyl

The thermal transfer ribbon is the best solution available on the market for the labeling of a product, with the fullest quality, cost, speed, durability and versatility.

Ribbon are available to suit specific industry sectors such as chemical, food, clothing and for every type and brand of thermal transfer printer:


Inks and Solvents

To meet the needs of different industries, we offer a complete range of inks mek, ethanol, pigment, UV anti-counterfeiting, quick-drying, for printing on dark surfaces, and recyclable containers for food. We also offer a full range of inks, make-up and cleaning solvents.